The Problem

The burden of fetching water, invariably over long distances by cumbersome and far too often, unhygienic means, is all too evident in developing countries...

The Solution

The Q Drum is user friendly and the unique longitudinal shaft permits the drum to be pulled using a rope tied through the hole. There are no removable or breakable handles or axles, and the rope can be repaired on the spot or easily replaced...

Versatile & Tough

The 50L Q Drum is manufactured from Linear Low Density Polyethylene by means of rotational moulding and has a high compatibility with foodstuffs and water...

Efficient & Fun

Even a child can pull 50 litres of water over flat terrain for several kilometres without undue strain, and could shift the burden of water collection away from adult women...


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Raising Malawi
Description: Raising Malawi

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