Clever Q Drum

Q Drum

The Q Drum is a durable, donut-shaped plastic container which when full holds 50 litres of water. Its uniqueness lies in the design of the longitudinal shaft or central hole, through which a rope is tied, to pull or roll the drum along all terrain types.

Due to the linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) it is made from, the drum is also practically indestructible and has no removable handles or other metal attachments that could detract from the Q Drum's intended purpose if lost or broken.

The rope can be repaired on the spot or easily, if lost, be replaced by a leather thong, woven plant substance or any other appropriate material. The simplicity of the design ensures the ease of use.


Capacity: 50 Litres
Height: 36cm
Diameter: 50cm
Lid Size: 12cm Diameter
Material: Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Material Thickness: 4mm
Actual Weight: 4.5kg
Filled Weight: 54.5kg
Moulding Process: Rotational Moulding
Stacking: Up to 40 filled drums
Design Patents: Yes
Country of Origin: South Africa
Principal Manufacturing Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Qty per 20ft Shipping Container: 330 units

Storage & Transport

Another important characteristic of the Q Drum is that the longitudinal shaft also serves as a vertical support structure which provides added strength and increases the top load compression resistance when filled containers are stacked on top of each other.

Most existing containers can only be stacked two or maybe three high when filled with heavy fluids or other substances such as chemicals for the agricultural industries. In a SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) compression test performed on the Q Drum, the maximum load reached before collapse was 3,7 tons which equates to 40 full containers stacked approximately 25 metres high.

This exceeds the international stacking requirements a number of times, making Q Drum an easy vessel to store and transport in large quantities.

Other Uses

Camping and Outdoor Life - The drum can be used for transporting foodstuffs or drinking water. It can even be used a portable, manual clothes washing machine.

The Military - During times of conflict or of peace, the Q Drum can be used to ensure the easy handling and conveying of large volumes of fuel, oil, drinking water or dry foodstuffs in hostile and remote areas.

Agriculture - The drum can be used to transport fruit juices, wines, cooking oils and grains in farmlands. It can even, when full, assist in levelling land.

Mining - Water, fuel, hydraulic fluids and other liquids can be handled with more ease in the restricted spaces underground and on inclined slopes.

Harbours & Marinas - The Q Drum can serve as a floating device or buoy.

Natural Disasters - The Q Drum can be used to assist in contingency plans executed by organisations or government bodies wanting to transport dry foodstuffs or carry water in affected areas.

Aid - One Q Drum can transport 50 kg of food without the use of packets or bags which are in themselves, heavy to carry. Afterwards, it can be utilized for its original intended purpose and make a useful contribution to the worldwide campaign against pollution.

Manufacturing Opportunities - Overcoming Challenges

In order to correctly form the unique shaft and make sure that each unit is durable enough to last at least 8 years with daily use, Q Drums can only be manufactured by means of rotational moulding.

This method is lengthy and expensive and when added to transport costs, generally makes each unit too expensive for the end user. Those that need them ultimately, can't afford them and those who can, most likely don't need them. It is with this mind that Q Drum has also begun the process of aligning itself with strategic partners to manufacture under license in areas around the world, where the need is high.

In this way, costs can be reduced for customers, in-country operators can benefit and most importantly Q Drums can help more people around the world.